Peer Advisor Wisdom with McKenzie Russell

McKenzie RussellName: McKenzie Russell
Major: Communication Disorders
Hometown: McCalla, AL
Classification: Junior
Which class has been your favorite at Auburn so far?
My favorite class that I have taken at Auburn is Public Speaking (COMM 1000) with Professor Jennifer Johnson. I was told to take this class somewhere other than Auburn; however, I faced my fears and took it here at Auburn University. Professor Johnson pushed me to excel in something that was one of my greatest fears, Public Speaking. By the end of the semester, I was able to overcome my fear of public speaking and somewhat comfortably speak in front of a group of people. I will forever be thankful for this class and Professor Johnson for challenging me and allowing me to achieve what I expected to be impossible.

What is the best technology based resource at Auburn?
The greatest technology resource at Auburn is the GPA calculator located within DegreeWorks. This tool motivates me to do everything in my power to achieve certain grades in my classes. I am able to put in my expected grades and see what impact an A versus a B will do to my overall Auburn GPA. It pushes me to continue giving 110 percent in each one of my classes until the very end of each semester.

What do you wish someone had told you before you started as a student at Auburn?
Growing up, I was always told by my family that I could achieve anything I put my mind to. However, it was not until I got to Auburn that I believed this saying to be true. Applying to communication disorders looked like a huge mountain as I came through Camp War Eagle. It was not only a mountain, but also what propelled me to put my mind to achieving an excellent GPA. I learned that I truly could do whatever I put my mind to. This statement holds a great amount of truth and is applicable for every incoming and current students at Auburn University.

Where are your favorite places to study on campus?
My favorite place to study on campus is the silent floor located on the 4th floor of RBD. I am the type of person who requires silence and a focused environment in order to study, so this is the perfect place for me. For any upcoming test, the silent floor is my first go-to location to study. 

How do you balance your social and academic obligations?
I usually do not allow myself to partake in social obligations until I have completed my academic to-do list. This requires being disciplined and sometimes being content with saying no. However, I am a firm believer in rewarding yourself for your hard work. This may include a movie night with friends, going to Samford lawn and having lemonade, or even just "me time." The best way to learn time management is to be immersed into college life the fall semester of freshman year. You may make a few mistakes along the way, but it truly is the best way to learn how to balance your social and academic obligations!

Last Updated: September 05, 2019