Peer Advisor Wisdom with Jessi Rogers

Peer Advisor Wisdom
Name: Jessi Rogers
Hometown: Huntsville, Ala. 
Major: Musical Theatre
Classification: Senior
Photo of Jessi Rogers 

Which class has been your favorite at Auburn so far?
My favorite class at Auburn so far would have to be Dramaturgy with Professor Chase Bringardner. One of the reasons this class was my favorite is because it helped me find my place in Auburn's theatre department. I like to think that dramaturgs are simply the historians of the theatre world. Their research helps preserve the authenticity and author's intentions of a show. The class inspired me to think critically about theatre and made me find my passion!
What is the best technology based resource at Auburn?
The best technology based resource at Auburn has got to be our Adobe Creative Cloud accounts. Having free access to Photoshop, Light room, Illustrator, and other Adobe products has helped me with my classwork. It has also allowed me to create great graphics for my website and resumes! It is such an incredible perk.
What do you wish someone had told you before you started as a student at Auburn?
I wish someone had told me that it was ok to change my mind (about my major) before I came to Auburn. Although I was always a musical theatre major, I used to be a double major with Applied Mathematics. This quickly transitioned from the five year masters track to switching my second major to Elementary Education. And then eventually, after many meetings with my professors, I decided to commit to being a musical theatre major. Before I went to Auburn, I believed that I would have to stick with whatever major I chose and that there was no way I could only be a musical theatre major. Now I know that it is completely ok to switch majors and that focusing on the degree that brings me joy is never a bad plan.
Where are your favorite places to study on campus?
My favorite place to study on campus is on the third floor of the library, near the PS book section that looks out onto the parking deck and grassy area. This spot is usually pretty quiet during the year, has lots of charging areas, and is located near Neil Simon's plays (which provide a great study break). When I don't have time to venture to RBD, I love studying in the seating area outside of the Theatre building's front office. This spot is quiet, cozy, and also where I meet with students who want peer advising!
How do you balance your social and academic obligations?
I balance my social and academic obligations by keeping a tight schedule! I always carry around my planner. Being a theatre major, I have to balance a full day of classes with full nights of rehearsals. This makes social obligations incredibly difficult to fit in, but with time management somehow it all comes together.

Last Updated: September 28, 2018