Meet Kinsey Williams, CLA Graduation Marshal and Senior in Psychology

Kinsey WilliamsKinsey Williams will serve as Graduation Marshal for the College of Liberal Arts on Dec. 14, 2019, at the Auburn Arena. Williams is graduating with a degree in psychology and minors in social work and creative writing; after Auburn, she plans to pursue graduate training and licensure in clinical mental health counseling. Impressing parents and professors alike, she has taken an adventurous course load, maintained a stellar GPA, worked as a research assistant for nearly three years, interned and volunteered with important local institutions like the Lee County Family Court, and is graduating in just seven semesters.

Williams says she wants to become a licensed psyhologist to help people through their healing process. "I hope to end up in a private practice, but I'm open to starting out anywhere and dive into whatever community I end up in. I have found what my heart beats for, and I'm so thankful that Auburn fostered that growth in me." 

Read more about Williams in our interview with her, below. 

Would you please tell us about yourself? 
I tell people I'm from the Gulf Coast because my family moved around that area a little bit for my dad's job. I claim Pensacola, FL, Fort Walton Beach, FL, and Daphne, AL as my homes! I grew up in a house crazy about the Miami Hurricanes (even though they aren't good anymore), but decided to attend Auburn after visiting just one time. Once was all it took because I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere and the campus itself! I came into college knowing that psychology was the only thing that interested me, but I didn't know what branch of psychology really fit me until my sophomore year. 

What has your Auburn experience been like? 
My Auburn experience has been the very best it could've been. Each year looked extremely different from the other depending on course load, what I decided to be involved with, and friends. I've met the people with the biggest hearts. I've learned a ton. Choosing Auburn has been one of my favorite decisions. 

What are you plans after graduation? And do you think your CLA education helped to prepare you for those plans? 
My plans after graduation are to get a job for the spring and summer, and to apply to clinical mental health graduate programs across Alabama. I think Auburn has well-equipped me for these next steps. I came into Auburn with a résumé that was empty and I'm leaving with a résumé full of amazing experiences. I'm excited for this next stage!

What is something you would recommend that other students do before graduating and leaving Auburn? 
Before you leave Auburn you have to eat Dumps Like a Truck! It's a local restaurant run by an amazing couple. They serve really good dumplings, bao, and other (sometimes fusion) Asian cuisine. 

What is your favorite Auburn tradition? 
My favorite Auburn tradition is probably the Auburn Seal. I had a class in Langdon once and I thought it was so funny that the sea of people would split right down the middle when walking down the steps so they didn't step on it. You can bet that I was one of those students! I guess it paid off. 

What will you miss most about Auburn? 
I think the thing I'll miss the most about Auburn is the family I've created here. I'm not looking forward to leaving my church, Auburn Community Church, or any of my favorite people here. So here's to hoping I get back into Auburn for grad school!

Interview by Vicky Santos | Director, News & Media Services | College of Liberal Arts | Auburn University 



Last Updated: November 04, 2019