Jessi Rogers to serve as CLA graduation marshal for spring

Photo of Jessi Ann Rogers

Jessi Rogers is the graduation marshal for the College of Liberal Arts spring graduation (May 5 @ 5 p.m.). The Huntsville native is graduating with a bachelor's degree in musical theatre and will be working with the Santa Fe Opera as a wig apprentice. She then plans to move to England for graduate school. Learn more about Rogers in our Q & A with her below. 

1.       Would you please tell us about yourself?
I am from Huntsville, AL but I was raised in a military family so we moved around every two years. The reason I chose Auburn was because when my oldest brother was looking at schools- at this point we lived in IL- my Uncle told him about Auburn. He visited the campus and fell in love with it. This led to my two other brothers going to Auburn, and since we settled in Huntsville, AL the in state tuition and scholarship options were too good of an opportunity to miss out on! I chose my major, musical theatre, because I have such a passion for theatre and introducing young people to this art form- the best part about our program is that it is incredibly versatile. I have been able to work in all areas of theatre and get a more well-rounded experience. 

2.       What has your Auburn experience been like?
My Auburn experience has been fun! I've had the opportunity to work as a camp counselor for Auburn, a student staff member, a counselor, as well as a student- it's been a lot of hard work but I've gained so many practical skills from my time here.

3.       Do you have a favorite memory you can share with us? (or a favorite class/professor?)
My favorite class at Auburn would have to be either my Wigs Directed Study with Jennifer Salter or the Dramaturgy Seminar with Dr. Charles Bringardner. Both classes introduced me to a new area of theatre and allowed me to gain the language and skill set I needed to work in both those fields professionally.

4.       What are your plans after graduation? And do you think your CLA education has prepared you? (If so, how?)

My current after graduation plan is to work with the Santa Fe Opera as a wig apprentice and then move to England for graduate school. I will be working on my MPhil in Arts and Creativity Education at Cambridge. CLA has definitely helped me prepare for my next steps by giving be countless practical opportunities to grow and creating a versatile curriculum that has allowed me to take a variety of theatre courses.

5.       What will you miss most about Auburn? And what is something you recommend other students do before leaving Auburn (a favorite place to eat? Or attend an event, etc.)

I will miss Mama Mochas Coffee more than anything. Everyone needs to go there before they graduate! I highly recommend the "Drunken Waffle" latte. But in all seriousness, I will truly miss my professors and mentors who have helped me find my path- especially Chase, Tessa, Daydrie, and Jenni.

Last Updated: April 26, 2019