Interdisciplinary team receives IGP grant

IGP Team Members
From left to right: Rosetta Giuliani Caponetto, Joan Harrell, Jennifer Jettner, Danilea Werner, Carolyn W. Robinson, Onikia Brown, and Chippewa Thomas. 


A partnership between Auburn University and Lee County Youth Development Center (LCYDC) “Fostering Communities in the Kitchen and Garden” was awarded a 2020 Intramural Grants Program (IGP) Interdisciplinary Team Research Grant.

“Fostering Communities” provides foster youths with cooking skills, nutrition education, horticultural training, and digital narrative journalism techniques. The program supports young adults who leave the foster care system and transition to independent living in Lee County, Alabama. “Fostering Communities” is a community-engaged, research-based evaluation and teaching initiative developed by a team of Auburn University faculty. Team members from across campus include Rosetta Giuliani Caponetto (Foreign Languages and Literatures), Joan Harrell (Journalism), Jennifer Jettner and Danilea Werner (Social Work), Carolyn W. Robinson (Horticulture), Onikia Brown (Nutrition), and Chippewa Thomas (University Outreach).

IGPis a comprehensive and coordinated competitive grant program that is committed to the advancement of knowledge through basic and applied research, to the enrichment of society through creative initiatives, to promoting faculty research in all disciplines, and recognizing that scholarly activity can take different forms across disciplines. It is designed to support faculty in becoming competitive in securing external funding and sponsorship. Supported projects are expected to result in appropriate scholarly products that will increase the national and international recognition of the awardees, their programs, and the university. 



Last Updated: September 11, 2020