Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Beth Mullins returns to Auburn in new role 

Written by Ally Shumpert, student writer for the College of Liberal Arts

liberal arts alumna Sarah Beth Mullins

In the fall semester of 2015, Sarah Beth Mullins began her adventure at Auburn as a bright-eyed freshman who was excited for whatever was going to come her way. Little did she know four years spent on the plains just wouldn’t be enough. 

Mullins majored in public relations with a minor in business and graduated in the spring of 2019 with a bachelor’s degree. Growing up in a military family, Mullins said she moved every two years (on average) and never really called anywhere home, but despite not having a true hometown, Mullins has always considered Auburn to be a very special place in her heart. Mullins states that her mother and many members of her mother’s family were Auburn grads, and because of that, she has been an Auburn fan her whole life. 

Upon graduation, Mullins moved to Washington D.C and worked for an event management company called CSI-DMC. There, she acted as a sales and creative services coordinator and was responsible for creating proposals for clients to include what each client wanted their event to look like. She spent a lot of time reaching out to vendors, compiling tour ideas, coming up with theme and decor options, and scheduling entertainment. Mullins recounts that she “learned pretty quickly she didn’t want to live in a big city area like Washington D.C.” For Mullins, community was hard to find and it was difficult being so far away from her family and fiancé. 

Once she had decided big-city life wasn’t for her, she started looking for jobs in Alabama and saw that her alma mater had some openings. When she finally got a job offer, she says she was excited to be able to come back to where it all began. “I missed the small town Auburn feel, and because I have loved Auburn my whole life, I’m very excited to be back as an alumni to see the town through different eyes,” Mullins said. 

When looking back on her time spent in D.C., Mullins says “Moving to D.C where I didn’t know a soul was very difficult, but I was lucky enough to find an alumni group to watch football with and a plethora of Auburn fans that live in the area. If you walked around downtown Washington D.C. with Auburn gear on, you were almost guaranteed to get a ‘War Eagle!’ even if it was just from a tourist who was visiting. I also had so much help from alumni on creating a network when looking for jobs. I’ve never had an Auburn grad turn down looking at my resume.” 

To Mullins, this is the epitome of what it means to be part of the Auburn Family. “The Auburn Family means a lot to me, and it is a major reason why I came back to work for the university. The Auburn Family means that I’m surrounded by people with a great drive in life, care and respect for others and just this unspoken bond over a love for Auburn!” Mullins said. 

Looking back on her time spent at Auburn as a student, Mullins says one of her most favorite memories was being a Camp War Eagle counselor. She loved being able to show incoming freshmen everything that made Auburn great and says she is still good friends with a lot of her campers and co-counselors that she met along the way. 

When asked what advice she would give to incoming freshmen for the 2020 school year, Mullins encouraged them to get involved, but to get involved in things that they really love. Mullins says she was in six campus organizations her freshman year and for her, it was overwhelming. Although six was too many as a freshman, Mullins says she loved being in several of her organizations all four years. According to Mullins, “It can be really intimidating, especially if you come from out of state and don’t know anyone, but you’ll get the hang of things and meet new people!” 

As a student, Mullins was heavily involved on campus and she looks forward to being involved as an employee as well. Mullins says she loved being involved as a student, particularly in organizations where she felt like she was helping other students. As an employee, she is excited to potentially help students on a grander scale by being able to offer mentorship and possibly an internship position. She says she remembers how difficult finding a job can be and she would love to be able to help students navigate that difficult time. Mullins is now working as a Multimedia Specialist for the College of Agriculture and focuses on social media, taking photos and videos for the College of Agriculture magazine, and creating web content for the College of Agriculture magazine. 

Although she graduated with a degree from the College of Liberal Arts, she is now ready to take on “all things Ag” in her new role as an alumni employee.

Last Updated: July 08, 2020