A note of thanks from Dean Aistrup

Dean Aistrup More than 4,000 donors gave to 40 campus-wide projects on Tiger Giving Day, held on Feb. 19. The fifth annual day of giving for Auburn University featured projects that benefited students, faculty, research and the community.

I am incredibly pleased to announce that our donors came through for Tiger Giving Day this year and our project is completely funded! Thanks to the 96 donors who participated, our students will soon have access to new audio equipment, new computers, cutting-edge software, and virtual sound libraries which will all go towards creating a state-of-the-art recording studio. 

With your contributions, we reached 179% of our goal, and those extra funds will help support our efforts to develop coursework and a new degree concentration (composition and technology), and recruit new students and faculty to the Department of Music. 

Thank you for your generosity, and for helping us to take the important steps of becoming a leader in music technology. 

War Eagle! 

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Joseph Aistrup, Dean
College of Liberal Arts
Auburn University


Last Updated: March 04, 2020