2019 Jane Dickson Lanier professors announced

From left: Barb Bondy, Keren Gorodeisky, and Tracy Witte
Pictured above, from left: Barb Bondy, Keren Gorodeisky, and Tracy Witte


The College of Liberal Arts is pleased to announce three new Jane Dickson Lanier Professors: Barb Bondy, Keren Gorodeisky, and Tracy Witte. Each professor will hold the title for three years.  

Barb Bondy is a professor in the Department of Art & Art History. Her creative research is cross-disciplinary, connecting science, art and the humanities primarily through drawing to explore aspects of metacognition (thinking about thinking) and how humans experience the world through various cognitive processes. In 2018, Bondy was awarded an NEA Artworks: Research grant to support a study on visual art and brain plasticity, a collaboration with cognitive neuroscientist Professor Jeffrey Katz. In 2017, Bondy was inducted into the AU College of Liberal Arts Academy of Outstanding Teachers. 

Keren Gorodeisky is a professor in the Department of Philosophy. She works on aesthetics, Kant, pleasure, value and rationality and is currently completing a book on the significance of Kant’s notion of aesthetic judgment. Gorodeisky and philosophy professor Eric Marcus recently won the second Arthur Danto/American Society for Aesthetics Prize for their paper “Aesthetic Rationality.” She was also the 2012-13 Phillip Quinn Felllow at the National Humanities Center.

Tracy Witte is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology. She was recently recognized for her groundbreaking research on suicide rates in veterinarians. Her study, published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, indicates higher suicide rates among veterinarians, when compared to the general population, might be attributable to pentobarbital access, a drug used for the humane euthanasia of animals. Witte’s study is the most comprehensive investigation of suicide among U.S. veterinarians to date and the first to examine deaths by suicide among veterinary technicians or technologists and veterinary assistants or laboratory animal caretakers.  

“CLA is proud of Professors Bondy, Gorodeisky and Witte, and we are grateful for their commitment to exceptional scholarship, teaching and service,” said Joseph Aistrup, dean of the College of Liberal Arts. “They are an inspiration to their colleagues and students.” 

The professorship was established in 1997 by Jane Dickson Lanier to support CLA faculty who demonstrate a strong commitment to students and to the highest level of instruction, research and service. Lanier, a 1937 Auburn graduate, supported many units on campus including the College of Liberal Arts, the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, and Tigers Unlimited. She passed away in 2016.

Last Updated: October 03, 2019