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Student Spotlight: Searrow Shaw, Interdisciplinary Studies

Searrow Shaw

Would you please tell us about yourself and how you chose your emphases within the Interdisciplinary Studies major?

My name is Searrow Shaw. I’m 26 years old and from Tallassee, Alabama. I transferred to Auburn in 2017 from Southern Union State Community College and after about two years took a two-year break from college to figure out what I wanted to do. I’m a full-time student and work two full-time jobs. I chose Auburn after growing up in the area and seeing the opportunities Auburn has to offer as well as the sense of community you feel when on campus. Originally my major was Apparel Merchandising but, as I became older and learned more about myself and worked while in school, I found other fields that I enjoyed and wanted to explore more. I knew I was starting to lose interest in the field when my grades began to reflect my lack of interest. After my two-year break and doing some soul searching as well as research on my major, I decided on Interdisciplinary Studies to be able to do all of the things I enjoy and find a job that suits those needs.

What has your experience as a student at Auburn been like?

Auburn gives every individual many opportunities to be involved in something to give them the tools to obtain their career. I transferred in as a junior, and found myself in the Apparel Merchandising Design Association and the Women’s Philanthropy Board. I did not become extremely involved as I wanted to because of working full time, but many of my classes gave me the chance to participate in networking events. Even when I felt like I was not very involved, I was in some shape or form.

What has been your favorite class or professor so far?

My favorite course so far is Gender, Wealth and Philanthropy. It gave me a larger approach on everything and took me out of the classroom and to events that gave me the tools I needed to graduate—from touring the Cary Center to meeting with a mentor to meeting with non-profit organizations.

What do you want to do when you graduate from Auburn?

I feel like the sky's the limit with my IDSC degree. I hope to continue to grow at the companies I am currently at, but I am open to more opportunities! I want to either become a communications director in my field or maybe even HR. I am very good with people no matter the industry, and I can always find a way to integrate how I relate to others in my work. One day I will start my own business and have even more flexibility in my life. With IDSC I feel that I can find something that will give me a career as well as the life I want outside of work so I can have a healthy balance.

Do you think your education and experiences in Interdisciplinary Studies have prepared you for success?

Yes! I feel like IDSC has given me the chance to take a deeper look into who I am and what I want to do with my life. There is never one single answer for one question; there are so many perspectives to take into account. It has taught me my educational limits and what I can take on and when to take a step back. IDSC has helped me have a stronger conviction for the career and life I would like to have.

Is there any advice or wisdom you’d like to share with new students?

Don’t be afraid to ask your peers questions. You never know who in your class is an IDSC major. Spread the word about IDSC! Before, I was struggling to fit into my original major, Apparel Merchandising, until I spoke with one of my peers who was an athlete who also wanted to be a designer and major in business. Then I began to research the IDSC major while I took a break from school and found I could do so much more. Since I was working in the financial industry as well as e-commerce, I wanted to find a way to incorporate them all.

What is your favorite thing about IDSC?

The freedom to work in more than one field of study. Before I felt very confined to only finding one kind of career path,  but I have had a chance to learn from so many individuals and it has given me an edge in the workforce not many have. As I have continued school and to work, I have noticed myself being the innovative thinker, knowing things others would not know because they’ve only learned from one field.

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