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Popular Music of Buenos Aires Recital on June 3

Popular Music of Buenos Aires Recital on June 3

The Department of Music presents violinist Damián Bolotín and pianist Sonia Possetti in recital on Tuesday, June 3 at 7:30pm at Goodwin Recital Hall. Bolotín and Possetti will present “Popular Music of Buenos Aires,” including works composed by the performers themselves. The Argentinian dance music featured in the concert includes tangos, milongas, and waltzes. This concert was made possible in part through the generous assistance of the Argentine Chancellery, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture. Tickets are $10 for general admission, $5 for students and children, and will be sold at the door. For more information, contact the Department of Music at 844-4165 or

Performers’ Bios

Born in Buenos Aires, Damián Bolotín studied violin with Ljerko Spiller, Alberto Varady, and Pablo Saraví; harmony with L. M. Coralini and Diego Schissi; and composition, harmony, and counterpoint with Daniel Montes. Bolotín has performed as a soloist in diverse genres within popular music (tango, jazz, folklore, Klezmer) and within contemporary classical music. He has performed with the London Royal Philarmonic Orchestra, the Orquesta Nacional Juan de Dios Filiberto, the Orquesta Sinfónica de Caracas, the Orquesta Sinfónica de Montevideo, the Orquesta de profesores del Teatro Colón, and the Orquesta estable de ATC. In 2005, he launched the “cuerdas pop-temporaneas” (pop-temporary strings) style. He has participated in ensembles for theater, film music and opera-tango as well as in national and international festivals.

Sonia Possetti graduated from the Chascomús Provincial Music Academy where she specialized in piano. She also studied at the School of Popular Music of Avellaneda in the province of Buenos Aires, where she became a piano instrumentalist of popular music specializing in Tango Piano and Folklore Piano. Some of her music professors have included Orlando Trípodi, Aníbal Arias, Rodolfo Alchourrón, Rodolfo Mederos, Kelo Palacios, Juan Farías Gómez, Lilian Saba, and Carlos Rivero. She also studied piano with Horacio Salgán; harmony and improvisation with Diego Schissi; and composition, counterpoint, harmony, and orchestration with Daniel Montes. Since 1996, she has been teaching repertoire and practice at the School of Popular Music in Avellaneda.

The Possetti-Bolotín Duo came to life in 1998 with both artists committed to recreating the music of Buenos Aires. Its repertoire includes tangos, waltzes, and milongas that cover a wide range of Buenos Aires music from 1920 to present days, as well as original pieces composed by the duo. With elaborate arrangements the duo has developed a particular style that doesn’t overlook the essence and strong roots of tango, but rather incorporates a fresh view of the beautiful music form. The duo has recorded two CDs, Entre nosotros (EPSA Recording Company, 1998) and ida y vuelta (EPSA Recording Company, 2001). The 2001 recording was sponsored by the Music Department of the City of Buenos Aires Government. Bolotín and Possetti are not only brilliant artists, but also dedicated teachers. They were Coke Artists in Residence in March 2009 at Emory University; they directed the instrumental tango workshops for the 2011 College Music Society Tango Professional Development Institute in Buenos Aires; and they gave a plenary session for the June 2013 College Music Society International Conference in Buenos Aires titled "The Performance Practice  of Tango.” They have presented their work in several venues in Buenos Aires, such as the Cervantes National Theater, and they have performed in several cities in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Europe. This past August, Possetti and Bolotín gave the closing concert for the 2008 Tango Festival in Buenos Aires where they performed new repertoire and arrangements of traditional tangos with their quartet and quintet ensembles.

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