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Music Faculty in Brazil

Music Faculty in Brazil

Music festival posterThree members of the Department of Music faculty at Auburn University will spend next week in Brazil for the Sixth Annual Festival Internacional de Música de Campina Grande. Sara Lynn Baird, Music Department Chair; Laurelie Gheesling, Coordinator of Collaborative Piano; and David Odom, Clarinet professor will present master classes, teach courses, rehearse, and perform concerts as members of the faculty for the festival. The festival is promoted by the Federal University of Campina Grande, State University of Paraiba, Brazil; the State University of Paraiba; Technological Park Foundation of Paraiba; and Friends Association of The Campina Grande International Music Festival.

The Festival program will be presented in a variety of different locations, including the First Baptist Church in Campina Grande and the Municipal Theatre Severino Cabral, where afternoon and evening concerts will be held. Continuing its outreach efforts, the festival will hold concerts in two cities surrounding the Queen of Borborema: Remigio and Pocinhos.  Classes, masterclasses, and rehearsals will be held on the campus of the Federal University of Campina Grande. Faculty from Brazil; Germany; Illinois; Missouri; and Alabama will teach students from several regions in Brazil and abroad.

New offerings for the festival this year are classes in the Alexander Technique, an educational process that trains people, especially artists and musicians, in ways to avoid unnecessary muscular and mental tension during their everyday activities. Laurelie Gheesling, a certified teaching member of Alexander Technique International, will teach classes in this method for festival students. Students will learn techniques that will help them avoid performance injury, improve their performance technique, and deal with the mental stresses of performance. She will also serve as pianist for choral ensembles and will perform as pianist with David Odom for a clarinet recital that features some of the most challenging repertoire written for clarinet. The program is comprised of several fantasies which highlight the technical capabilities of the clarinet, the clarinetist, and the pianist! Additionally, Odom will teach and coach clarinet students enrolled in the festival program. Sara Lynn Baird will instruct choral conducting students in the skills and techniques of leading a choral ensemble and will rehearse and conduct in performance two choral ensembles at the Festival.

Other courses offered at the festival include flute, voice, orchestral conducting, and composition. The festival runs from July 13 through July 18 with classes each day, concerts each evening, and culminating with final concert that features all of the faculty performers. More information about the festival can be found on the website: .

Last Updated: July 14, 2015