Interdisciplinary Studies (IDSC)


Interested in an Internship for your IDSC Capstone? Or Just Internships in general? Here’s a Pathway to Your Internship!

Sign up for a College of Liberal Arts Career Community

  • Visit CLA career communities
  • Sign up for any and all topic areas that may apply to your emphases
  • Students who enroll in a CLA Career Community will receive specialized services. They will gain access to alumni working in their desired field of employment and will receive invitations to attend industry-specific events or activities. In addition, students enrolled in a Career Community will receive not only emails from Handshake but also curated information about relevant job postings, events, and opportunities in the category chosen.
  • Aim to attend at least one Career Community event each semester

Join professional organizations in your discipline areas.

  • Here’s a list for organizations related to Psychology-Link
  • Here’s a link for organizations related to Sports Management- Link
  • Here’s a link for organizations related to Business- Link
  • If you don’t see your emphasis area listed above, ask a professor in your emphasis discipline for suggestions

Attend at least one Career Fair and/or Career Trek.

  • Information on upcoming Career Treks is available here
  • Information on upcoming Career Fairs is available here

Investigate Other Resources at AU.

Follow this link to sign up for Handshake:

Follow this link to AU career center:

Follow this link to Auburn's College of Business internship resources

Follow this link to Auburn's COSAM (Links to an external site.)  internship resources.

Follow this link to Auburn's College of Agriculture. resources.

Follow this link to Auburn's HDFS . internship resources.

Follow this link to Auburn's Consumer and Design Sciences resources.

Follow this link to Auburn's Office of Sustainability . internship resources.

Another Link Auburn Community Partners . Often, local nonprofits offer unpaid opportunities.

Make sure that the internship you identify relates to your discipline (emphasis) areas.

In order to get course credit for your internship, you will need to line up an internship that allows you to draw on the disciplinary knowledge that you’ve gained in your emphasis areas. You should be able to explain why and how this internship allows you to apply that knowledge and also explain how the internship will help you to attain your career goals.


Consider these internship guidelines (for course credit):

  1. Internships must be approved by the IDSC Coordinator, IDSC 4920 Instructor, and/or the IDSC Faculty Advisory Board.


  1. Internships should incorporate most, if not all, of the student’s emphases within IDSC and should clearly contribute to the student’s long-range career plan.


  1. Internships cannot be with student’s current place of employment.


  1. Internships cannot be with student’s current sport team or trainer.


  1. Students in internships for IDSC credit cannot work directly for a family member or be employed by a family-owned business for the internship.


Get assistance

For help reviewing resumes, seeking internships and jobs, and general career advice, contact:

Marianne McCarley
CLA Career Services Specialist
308 Tichenor Hall Auburn University, AL
Direct Appointments through Advise Assist


Addye Buckley-Burnell
Assistant Director of Career Development
Liaison to the College of Liberal Arts


For questions related to course credit for your internship, contact:

Dr. Robin Sexton

IDSC Coordinator

304 Tichenor Hall, Auburn University


Last Updated: May 07, 2019