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Competitive Summer Research & Humanities Grant Guidelines

The College of Liberal Arts, in keeping with its commitment to quality research and creative scholarship, offers competitive summer research and humanities grant support for its faculty. The CLA recognizes the importance of scholarly activity that provides an opportunity to enhance professional growth. The funding will consist of $10,000 in summer salary or funds to support research related expenses and/or travel. At present, the College plans to offer several of these grants every year, contingent upon the availability of funding. 


To be eligible, applicants must be faculty members who have completed at least one year of full time employment at Auburn University and who have received a successful 3rd year review. The summer grant application must be approved by the Department Head/Chair/School Director, reviewed by the CLA Grants Committee, and approved by the Dean. Once a faculty member has been awarded a grant under this program, he/she will be ineligible to apply for another Competitive Summer Grant for five years from the date of this award. Faculty members serving as department chairs/school directors are ineligible for this program. Faculty members who have declared their intention to retire within three years of the award are ineligible for the program.


The five conditions attached to this award are:

  1. No summer teaching or any other work activities not related to the project including administrative duties during this summer term. No more than one month of effort on other grants can be completed during this summer term.
  2. Provide to the College a brief report on the progress of the work accomplished on the project in the faculty annual review.
  3. Submit an abstract of your work for presentation and participate in the AU Research Forum or at a professional event such as a conference.
  4. Faculty have the option of taking the funds as summer salary or using them for travel or research expenses that meet the requirements specified by AU policy.
  5. Serve as a member of the Auburn faculty for one year after the award (if you do not meet this obligation, reimbursement to the college is required for amount of the award).


Interested faculty must submit their application by Friday, January 22nd at 4:45pm to this link:  https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/d6c475df80b348f6910c68ad164de55d

The proposal application should contain the following information as a single PDF:

  1. A 300 word abstract of your project: Describe overall objectives, specific aims, a concise description of the project design/methods, relevance/importance of the project to your discipline, and specific outcome measures. Outcome measures should include identification of external funding such as a specific grant or contract application, article submission, and/or other creative scholarship outcome (e.g., performance, exhibition, etc.).
  2. A timeline and projected completion date for the project (one page maximum).
  3. Budget: Use the budget template found below to show how you plan to use the awarded funds (for travel, research expenses, or summer salary and benefits.) Explain the purchase of all supplies and equipment and the need for all proposed travel. If there are any proposed “other expenses,” specify what they are. Specify any other sources of support for the project and the contributions of each. Budget Template
  4. Two-page CV.
  5. Letter of support from Department Head/Chair/School Director 

Keep in mind that your proposal will be reviewed by other faculty members who are not specialists in the area of your particular project; therefore, avoiding overly technical language will strengthen your proposal.

Applicants are strongly urged to apply for extramural awards from such agencies as the National Endowment for the Arts at https://www.arts.gov/ and the National Endowment for the Humanities at http://www.neh.gov .  Applicants should also consider applying for the Intramural Grant Program through the Office of the Vice-President for Research at https://fp.auburn.edu/vpr/iga/igp/default.aspx  and the Creative Scholarship Award at https://fp.auburn.edu/vpr/iga/crsa.aspx  Proposal deadlines are set by the Office of the Vice President for Research. 


Final Report

A faculty member who is provided funding under this program must submit to the Department Head/Chair/School Director a one-page written report of his/her activities and accomplishments relevant to the project in the faculty annual review. Evidence should be provided of any scholarship/creative activity/grant activity that resulted from the summer grant. The Department Head/Chair/School Director will provide a copy of all the departmental faculty members’ final reports to the Dean’s office at the end of each year.

If you have any questions in reards to this grant opportunity, please contact Ginny Clary at vsc0004@auburn.edu or Gail Riese at gar0005@auburn.edu.

Last Updated: December 03, 2020