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Keren Gorodeisky

Keren Gorodeisky



Keren Gorodeisky

Contact Me

6072 Haley Center

Office Hours

Wednesday, Friday 3:00 - 4:00 pm via Zoom


PhD, Boston University

About Me

Keren Gorodeisky works on aesthetics, Kant, pleasure, value and rationality. In her book project, she defends an account of aesthetic value that occupies a neglected alternative between contemporary aesthetic hedonism and its non-affective cognitive denial. This project concerns issues in the epistemology of emotions, evaluative perception, reasons, agency and fittingness. Additionally, she works on the logical form and sui generis type of rationality of Kant’s notion of aesthetic judgment, and on his theory of judgment. Gorodeisky and Eric Marcus were selected as the winners of the second Arthur Danto/American Society for Aesthetics Prize for their paper “Aesthetic Rationality." Gorodeisky was the 2012-13 Phillip Quinn Felllow at the National Humanities Center. For a full list of publications, see

Research Interests

aesthetics, Kant, rationality, pleasure, value


  • "A New Look at Kant's Account of Testimony," The British Journal of Aesthetics, 50 (2010): 53-70
  • "A Tale of Two Faculties," The British Journal of Aesthetics, 51 (2011): 415-436
  • "19th Century Romantic Aesthetics," in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  • “Pleasure and Value: Comments on Mohan Matthen’s ‘The Pleasure of Art’,” Australasian Philosophical Review, 1.1 (2017)
  • “Aesthetic Rationality,” Journal of Philosophy, 115:3 (2018): 113-140 (co-authored with Eric Marcus)
  • “May Pleasure be an Exercise of Rational Agency? A Kantian Proposal” in Oxford Philosophical Concepts: Pleasure, ed. Lisa Shapiro (Oxford, UK: Oxford UP, 2018).
  • "Unity in Variety: Theoretical, Practical and Aesthetic Reason in Kant” in The Imagination in German Idealism and Romanticism, eds. Gerad Gentry and Constantin Pollok (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge UP, 2019)
  • “On Liking Aesthetic Value,” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (forthcoming in 2019)
  • “The Authority of Pleasure,” Nôus (forthcoming in 2019)
  • “Reflection,” The Cambridge Kant Lexicon, ed. Julian Wüerth (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge UP, forthcoming)
  • “Form,” The Cambridge Kant Lexicon, ed. Julian Wüerth (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge UP, forthcoming)