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Chad Wickman

Chad Wickman

Hargis Associate Professor of Writing Studies

Associate Professor


Chad Wickman

Contact Me


8054 Haley Center

Office Hours

Tuesday, Thursday 12:30–2:00 pm or by appointment


PhD, Kent State University

About Me

Chad Wickman received his PhD in rhetoric and composition from Kent State University with a specialization in literacy, rhetoric, and social practice. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in writing and rhetorical theory, and his research has appeared in a range of scholarly venues, including Written Communication, Rhetoric Review, Technical Communication QuarterlyThe Journal of Business and Technical Communication, and Environmental Communication. Wickman is currently at work on a project that explores how technical craft, and discourse about technique, assists in the formation of new disciplines and serves as a possible bridge between expert and non-expert communities. Beyond research and teaching, he is actively involved in writing program development and serves as editor of the international research journal Written Communication.

Research Interests

rhetoric and composition; technical and professional communication; editing; writing and literacy studies; rhetorical theory; rhetoric of science and technology


  • Wickman, C. (2016). Learning to “Share your Science”: The open notebook as textual object and dynamic rhetorical space. In Alan Gross & Jonathan Buehl (Eds.), Science and the Internet: Communicating knowledge in a digital age. Baywood.
  • Wickman, C. (2015). Locating the semiotic power of writing in science. Journal of Business and Technical Communication.
  • Sidler, M., & Wickman, C. (2014). Discovery and ownership in an age of networked science. In Martine Courant Rife & Danielle Nicole Devoss (Eds.), Cultures of Copyright. Peter Lang.
  • Wickman, C. (2014). Rhetorical framing in corporate press releases: The case of British Petroleum and the Gulf oil spill. Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture, 8,3-20.
  • Wickman, C. (2014). Wicked problems in technical communication. The Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 44, 23-42.
  • Wickman, C. (2013). Observing inscriptions at work: Visualization and text production in experimental physics research. Technical Communication Quarterly, 22, 150-171.
  • Wickman, C. (2012). Rhetoric, technê, and the art of scientific inquiry. Rhetoric Review, 31, 21-40.
  • Wickman, C. (2010). Writing material in chemical physics research: The laboratory notebook as locus of technical and textual integration. Written Communication, 27, 259-292.