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Candice Welhausen

Candice Welhausen

Associate Professor


Candice Welhausen

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8056 Haley Center

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After class or by appointment via Zoom


PhD, University of New Mexico

About Me

Candice Welhausen earned her PhD in rhetoric and composition from the University of New Mexico. Before becoming an academic she was a technical writer/editor at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center in the department formerly known as Epidemiology and Cancer Control, which directly informs her research focus and teaching approach. More specifically, her research focuses on data visualizations in the field of public health and epidemiology with an emphasis on how these visuals shape the ways that knowledge about disease, illness, and health is constructed.

Research Interests

technical and professional communication; document design; editing; visual rhetorics; health and science communication; risk communication


  • Welhausen, Candice A. (2018). “Visualizing Science: Using Grounded Theory to Critically Evaluate Data Visualizations.” In Han Yu and Kathryn Northcut (Eds). Scientific Communication: Practices, Theories, and Pedagogies. (pp. 82-106). Routledge Studies in Technical Communication, Rhetoric, and Culture Series.
  • Welhausen, Candice A. (2017). At Your Own Risk: User-Contributed Flu Maps, Participatory Surveillance, and an Emergent DIY Risk Assessment Ethic.” Communication Design Quarterly. 5(2): 51-61.
  • Welhausen, Candice A. (2015). “Visualizing a Non-Pandemic: Considerations for Communicating Public Health Risks in Intercultural Contexts.” Technical Communication. 62(4): 244-257.
  • Welhausen, Candice A. (2015). “Power and Authority in Disease Maps: Visualizing Medical Cartography Through Yellow Fever Mapping.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication. 29(3): 257-283.