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Candice Welhausen

Candice Welhausen

Associate Professor

Associate Chair


Candice Welhausen

Contact Me


8056 Haley Center

Office Hours

Thursday before class 2:30-3:30 pm (in office)


PhD, University of New Mexico

About Me

Candice Welhausen teaches undergraduate classes in the public and professional writing track and graduate courses in the master of technical and professional communication program. Her research is situated at the intersection of technical and professional communication, visual rhetoric and information design, and the rhetoric of health and medicine. She primarily seeks to lend insight into the ways that knowledge about disease, illness, and health are visually constructed, particularly in public health-related contexts. Her interest in this area and in the theory and practice of technical and professional communication is informed her previous workplace experience as a technical writer/editor at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center in the program formerly known as Epidemiology and Cancer Control.

Research Interests

visual rhetorics and information design; data visualizations of epidemics; rhetoric of health and medicine


Welhausen, C.A. (2023). “Wicked Problems in Risk Assessment: Yellow Fever, Mapping, and Risk as an Embodied Experience.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication. 37(3). DOI:10.1177/10506519231161617

Welhausen, C.A. (2023). “Visualizing a Drug Abuse Epidemic: Media Coverage, Opioids, and the Racialized Construction of Public Health Frameworks.” Journal of Technical Writing and Communication. 53(2): 106-127. DOI: 10.1177/00472816221125186

Welhausen, C.A. (2022). “Precarious Data: Crack, Opioids, and Enacting a Social Justice Ethic in Data Visualization Practice.” IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication. 65(1): 50-69. DOI:10.1109/TPC.2022.3144826  

Welhausen, C.A. & Bivens, K.M. (2022). “Civilian First Responder mHealth Apps, Interface Rhetoric, and Amplified Precarity.” Rhetoric of Health and Medicine. (5)1: 11-37. 

Welhausen, C.A. & Bivens, K.M. (2021). “mHealth Apps and Usability: Using User-Generated Content to Explore Users’ Experiences with a Civilian First Responder App.” Technical Communication. 68(3): 97-112. 

Welhausen, C.A. (2015). “Visualizing a Non-Pandemic: Considerations for Communicating Public Health Risks in Intercultural Contexts.” Technical Communication. 62(4): 244-257. 

Welhausen, C.A. (2015). “Power and Authority in Disease Maps: Visualizing Medical Cartography Through Yellow Fever Mapping.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication. 29(3): 257-283. DOI: 10.1177/1050651915573942