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Anna Riehl Bertolet

Anna Riehl Bertolet


Director of Core Literature


Anna Riehl Bertolet

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9006 Haley Center

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Tuesday, Thursday 9-10 am and by appointment


PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

About Me

Anna Riehl Bertolet (Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago) is a professor at Auburn University. She specializes in early modern literature and culture, particularly Shakespeare, Elizabeth I, and women writers. She is the author of many articles and book chapters on early modern literature, queenship, visual culture, and material culture. Dr. Bertolet is the author of The Face of Queenship: Early Modern Representations of Elizabeth I; co-editor, with Carole Levin and Jo Eldridge Carney, of A Biographical Encyclopedia of Early Modern Englishwomen 1500-1650: Exemplary Lives and Memorable Acts; co-editor, with Thomas Betteridge, of Tudor Court Culture; and the editor of Queens Matter in Early Modern Studies. She also co-edited, with Carole Levin, an essay collection on using creative projects in teaching, titled Creating the Premodern in the Postmodern Classroom: Creativity in Early English Literature and History Courses. Her current book project interrogates the gendering of needlework in early modern England and the continent; she is also editing an anthology of early modern writings about needlework. Dr. Bertolet's research has received support from the Folger Institute, Auburn University (Office of the Provost, College of Liberal Arts, and Department of English), American Association of University Women, University of Illinois at Chicago, and the English-Speaking Union.

Dr. Bertolet is an award-winning teacher. Her teaching interests lie at the intersection of early modern literature, visual culture, gender studies, material culture, history, and cultural studies and include undergraduate and graduate courses on Shakespeare, early modern literature, as well as specialized courses on the body, drama, visual rhetoric, material culture, Elizabeth I, and women writers in early modern England. 

Dr. Anna Riehl Bertolet is a member of editorial board of Explorations in Renaissance Culture, Director of Core Literature in the Department of English, and co-director, with Dr. Craig Bertolet, of Auburn's Summer in London Program.

Research Interests

Early modern literature and culture; early modern queenship; Shakespeare; Elizabeth I; visual culture; material culture; cultural studies; women's and gender studies


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