Mobile Aid

Apple MobileWelcome to the College of Liberal Arts mobile device help page, where you will find some easy answers for beginning usage as well as some simple troubleshooting. If you find this page does not have what you need, here is our contact information:

Haley Center room 3223 Monday through Friday from 8-5. Please schedule a time to ensure someone is present. Matthew Warren or Darrell Crutchley 

Other Helpful Tips

Five things to try when your iPad is not working properly.

Auburn University is encrypting all mobile devices with university data.

Auburn University Data Policy

How this affects you: 

In order to receive email to your mobile device, you must have a passcode on your device. It also must wipe (factory reset) itself after failed attempts. If it is an Android device, please backup your device before you try to encrypt it. 

Steps to get you secure.

OIT page, here

Content release date: Tuesday, March 15, 2016