Using the iClicker Instructor Remote

Using the iClicker Instructor Remote

The blue iClicker Instructor Remote is a great way to manage your iClicker activities in class without being stuck behind a podium.  To begin, make sure you enter the Instructor Remote ID in the MySettings area of the iClicker software. This eight-character ID is located on the back of the blue remote.  It also appears on the screen when you first press the orange power button.

MySettings in iClickerEnter Instructor Remote ID in iClicker

The buttons on the remote are labeled with their functions. 

iClicker Instructor Remote with labels


There is one important thing to remember.  Be careful if you switch back and forth between using the computer mouse and the Instructor Remote to control the iClicker software.  We have discovered that if you change the type of question in the software using the mouse, and then start the poll with the Instructor Remote, the software defaults back to the "Multiple Choice" question type.

Content release date: Wednesday, September 19, 2012