Using Kronos on College of Liberal Arts computers

Using Kronos on College of Liberal Arts computers

Kronos is a java-based web application that employees can access at or, to get the html-based version, at

If you are using the java-based version, you may need to do the following to ensure consistent access to the web site.

  1.        Open Internet Explorer
  2.       Go to Tools (top right corner of screen) -- Compatibility View Settings
  3.       Check Display all websites in Compatibility View
  4.       Click Close
  5.       Close Internet Explorer (so that it remembers this new setting)
  6.       Open Internet Explorer
  7.       Go to the Kronos website (
  8.       Login
  9.       You will see a popup at the bottom of your browser screen
    allow java pop up bar
  10.   In that popup, go to the Allow button and select it.
  11.   Now you are all set using Kronos (the java version).


If you want to create a shortcut to either of these web pages on your desktop, do the following (in Internet Explorer):

When you are on the Kronos web page, go to the top left of your browser window and click on File – Send – Shortcut to Desktop.

Mac users:  please make sure you use the HTML version, available as a link off the page.

For more information on Kronos, instructions and other resources, please visit:


Content release date: Wednesday, July 24, 2013