Uploading iClicker scores to Canvas

Uploading iClicker scores to Canvas

The new Canvas profile in iClicker makes it easier than ever to integrate iClicker activities into your courses and upload the scores to Canvas.

Step 1:

Make sure that you select Canvas as your CMS in the “My Settings” area of iClicker.Canvas setting in iClicker settings


Step 2:

You will need to tell iClicker/iGrader who your students are.  To do this, log in to Canvas, go to Grades, and select your course. Make sure you are in the "New" Canvas gradebook.  From the Settings menu, choose Download Scores (.csv), Open with Microsoft Excel.

download scores from Canvas

Save as roster_canvas and Save as a .csv file into the class folder on your iClicker USB drive. For example: iclicker Win\Classes\FLSP-1010-001

You may repeat this process if your enrollment changes after the drop and add period.

Step 3:

Match student names to iClicker IDs using the iClicker Roll Call, or have your students register their iClickers online at (See this blog post for more details on how students can find their Canvas ID to register their iClicker online).

Step 4:

When you are ready to upload scores after an in class iClicker quiz, open iGrader from the USB drive.  Double click on the session column to make sure that there are no questions that should be deleted and that questions have correct answers indicated where necessary.  You might also want to rename the quiz so that it makes sense to your students when they see it in the Canvas grades. Click “Set & Close” after you have made any changes, and then click the export button from the main screen of iGrader.

export icon in iGrader

Select the session that you want to export.  iGrader automatically creates a file named UploadFile.csv and places it inside the correct Classes folder on your iClicker USB drive.

UploadFile.csv during Export process in iGrader

Log in to Canvas, go to Grades, and select correct course. Make sure you are in the “New” gradebook.  From the Settings menu, choose Upload Scores (from .csv).  Browse to UploadFile.csv in the correct Classes folder.

upload scores from .csv file in Canvas

Click Open, Upload Data.  If you already have an Assignment or Grade column in your Canvas course for this iClicker quiz, Canvas will prompt you to Match iClicker session to correct assignment.  You may also choose "A new assignment" and Canvas will create an assignment for the iClicker data and add it to the first Assignment Group in your course. Finish by clicking Continue and then Save Changes.

match iClicker scores to Canvas assignments 

Click here for a detailed pdf handout with this information.

Content release date: Friday, September 14, 2012