College Technology Office

The College of Liberal Arts Technology Office is located in Haley Center 3223. Stacey Powell and Darrell Crutchley will be able to help you in a number of different ways in regard to Information and Instructional Technology within the College of Liberal Arts. In addition, Lisa Whitmore and Matthew Warren are providing faculty and staff desktop support for Windows and Apple.  Matthew Warren and Lauren Paul maintain the computer labs and are the system administrators of the college. Stacey Powell oversees the Foreign Languages Multimedia Lab and assists faculty with computer-assisted language learning. 

This office provides support for faculty and staff who are utilizing technology in their work. The three main goals of the technology coordinators are:

  • To promote and facilitate the use of technology in learning, teaching and research within the college.
  • To provide opportunities for faculty and staff development.
  • To communicate with other university departments and offices about technology issues and concerns.

For more information or assistance please contact
Darrell Crutchley. E-mail: 844-7070

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