New Version of Panopto

New Version of Panopto

Panopto's latest release allows for automatic captioning to make your content more accessible and an easy way to edit these captions for the likely mistakes in the caption.  The video editing is HTML5 based.

The captioning option is fairly straight forward. You add the captions to a session from within the video editor. These automatic captions are generated by software and not human transcription. Be advised of that if you plan to use them. You may need to edit the captions, also done in the video editor, or at least specify that they are software generated and may have “creative interpretations” in some places. (Your mileage may vary)

Panopto also offers additional captioning options if required. They have 1, 2, and 4 day 508 Human Compliant Transcription available for a cost.

They can also integrate directly with several external vendors. This may be useful depending on what platform Accessibility Electronic and Information Technology decide on.


The quizzing tool is quite basic at the moment, but it is easy to use. In the Panopto Editor, creators can develop a quiz by creating 1) multiple choice questions, 2) true/false questions, and/or 3) multiple select questions. The video stops until the quiz is completed. Quiz results can be viewed by the creator in Panopto; the ability to download the results will be added later. Please see this page for complete details:


IMG has added info/links for both captioning and quizzing to the Panopto help pages here: . The quizzing tool isn’t activated in our Panopto instance yet, but will be asap.


Content release date: Tuesday, January 10, 2017