Panopto upgraded to version 4.1

Panopto upgraded to version 4.1

The Office of Information Technology has upgraded our installation of Panopto software to version 4.1. The upgrade requires all users to upgrade the client software on their computers. If you are using a PC contact Lisa Whitmore (, Mac users can upgrade their software with the lcl-adm admin account. New feature include:

  1. Recording content from iOS mobile devices ( The Panopto app for iPad or iPhone can also be used to view your recordings online from Panopto. This can truly make online viewing of recorded lectures available anywhere.
  2. Integration with Instructure Canvas courses. Instructions online at IMG ( ) The code needed to link your canvas course to the Panopto folder is 
  3. Unison recording. If you already have a recorded video you can upload the content to Panopto and let Panopto store and distribute the recording to users.

As always, contact me ( if you have questions or want to talk about using Panopto in your courses.

Content release date: Monday, June 04, 2012