Panopto Updates

Panopto Updates

From the IMG:

Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve the Canvas-Panopto connection issues. The problems have been resolved; the integration has been restored. We have also enabled the new widget that displays the Panopto folder contents within Canvas

  • In Firefox, Chrome, and Safari: You will now see the contents of the class Panopto folder loading in the Canvas window. You will not need to open Panopto in a new tab.
  • You will be able to record from this new display; instructions are available here:
  • If you have created a drop box in your Panopto folder for students to record to: they will be able to record from the new display. Instructions for students are available here:
  • Updating the Panopto Recorder on your machine is recommended but not mandatory.
  • If you need to copy content from old folders: You will need to log in to Panopto to do that – you can’t do it through this new display. If you don’t see the folder you need when you log in, contact Darrell.

However, if you are using Internet Explorer: You will not see the new display of the folder contents in the Canvas window. You will still have to click to open Panopto in a new tab. This is a bug that Panopto knows about. Everything will work as it did.

Content release date: Wednesday, January 28, 2015