Some Notes about Panopto

Some Notes about Panopto

When you want to reuse Panopto files from one term to the next:  You need to have a new folder set up inside Panopto for the new term.  Please move the existing Panopto files from the old to the new folder; don't copy as copying doubles the files and takes a lot longer to process.

Workaround:  The new integration and cloud based back end is causing some unintended consequences.  In the past, students only had to click on the “Panopto Recordings” link in Canvas once during the semester and they could access linked recordings.  That is no longer the case.  Students will need to click “Panopto Recordings” every time they log in to Canvas.  If they do not, they will be prompted to log in to Panopto – which they cannot do and you should not attempt to give them access that way.  This problem will resolve itself when OIT updates the authentication procedure for Canvas so that Canvas and Panopto match.

The new guidelines are online:

Link to the special help for students is on that page, too, but here it is:

1.  You’ll find Auburn’s instance of Panopto online at this address: 

Please choose Auburn for the log on; you’ll be taken to the AUthenticate page. Log in with your AU Username and Password.

2.  Please Note: You MUST update the recorder before recording to

 -- Log in through the website or through Canvas, either one

 -- Click the green Create button

 -- Download & install the appropriate recorder

If you are not sure which version of the recorder you have, go ahead and download and install the Recorder from the Create button

Latest Recorder versions:

Windows:  4.8

Mac:  4.7

3.  Canvas/Panopto integration has also been moved; everything that was in a Canvas/Panopto folder is still available.

 -- Because only new content was migrated, individual  files that were moved from one folder to another between March 11 and May11 will not appear in the correct folder: You’ll have to move them again. The procedure is the same as it was.

4.  If you already have the latest recorder and want to log in to the Panopto Recorder directory (for non-Canvas/Panopto recordings)

 -- Change the server address to:

 -- Click the Save button

 -- Click “Log in with Auburn” – you’ll see the AUthenticate page open in the Panopto box

 -- Use your Auburn Username and Password (NO: You do not have to add auburn\ anymore) to log in


Please call IMG with any problems or questions you may have: 844-5181

Content release date: Tuesday, June 02, 2015