Panopto Mobile App

Panopto Mobile App

Many of you have started using Panopto for capturing lectures and classroom activities, so that students have access to the materials after class as often as they want.

Now, Panopto has come out with an iphone app that also works on the ipad, so that you can record your lectures (or anything else for that matter) through your iphone or ipad. The recording is limited to your voice and/or any video you capture with the iphone/ipad, so it will not get your PowerPoint, but the app also contains a way to add notes when you are viewing a lecture.

You are required to enter Auburn University's Panopto server name and your AU userid and password to get started. The server name is

When you enter your username and password, make sure you add to the userid\ (\youruserid)

If you have not used Panopto before but want to try this, please contact Darrell or Wiebke

More information on how to use the app

Content release date: Thursday, March 22, 2012