Panopto is Moving to the Cloud

Panopto is Moving to the Cloud

Currently, Panopto is hosted on servers here at  AU/OIT, but beginning Spring break 2015, we will begin the process of copying all of Panopto to the Panopto cloud/hosted platform. Beginning Summer Semester 2015, all Panopto services will run in the hosted cloud platform. Here is the schedule for the move:


  • Week of March 23-27 – all content on the OIT Panopto servers will be copied to the Panopto hosted platform in the Amazon cloud. Users will NOT be affected in any way. You can still record, and all content will be viewable.


  • Week of May 11 – 15 – Several things will  happen:


  • All content not copied previously will be copied to the hosted site. That includes all material recorded between March and May.
  • The Canvas integration will be moved.
  • Recording to the current site will be turned off, but users will be able to record to the new site beginning May 12.
  • All content on the current site will still be viewable, but users will not be able to record to
  • Users WILL have to upgrade their recorder to use the new site (V. 4.8 for PCs, V. 4.7 for Macs).
  • Panopto will not be available on May 11, 2015, but users WILL be able to record off-line (then upload later).


This move is being done by Panopto at AU’s request. The engineer in charge of the move has accomplished this same task for other schools and is quite familiar with AU’s current site, including the Canvas integration. The move will change all integration settings necessary; faculty don’t need to worry about anything. Panopto, and the Canvas/Panopto integration will look and function just as it does now.


If you are at all worried about recordings being lost during the week of May 11 – 15: record offline. IMG can help you upload to the correct folder later.


If you have questions, please contact Dr. Kathy McClelland in IMG -- 844-5181.


Content release date: Monday, March 23, 2015