OneDrive for Business and Office 365

OneDrive for Business and Office 365

Auburn University is offering a cloud-based storage solution for faculty and staff, called OneDrive for Business, in conjunction with Office365. OneDrive can stand alone as cloud storage or integrate with Office 2013 (Windows) and Office 2016 (Mac & Windows).  The cloud-based storage is 1 terabyte, and users have the option of syncing their OneDrive with their computers at the office and at home (however, some words of caution are necessary).  OneDrive for Business can be accessed via the web, through an application (similar to Google Drive or dropbox) and through an app for mobile devices.

If you are interested in using this new storage solution, please take a moment and go to to get some information.  In particular note the following:

1.  Be careful about the kinds of files and data you are going to put onto this shared drive. Please remember that confidential information like health or student information should never be stored in an online environment.  Also remember that this is for personal files (research, teaching, outreach, other), not for departmental files shared across a group of faculty

2.  In order to activate your account, you will need to update your password under My Account (off the AU home page, under the Employee tab).  You will need to agree to the Cloud Storage Agreement.  If you are using any mobile or other devices that have passwords stored, especially email, please make sure that you disable these accounts on those devices before you update your password so that you do not get locked out of your account.  Once you have changed your password successfully, go back into your devices and change the passwords there as well.

3. Follow the link To log in with your AU email address and with the new password.

4.  If you need advice or help with the installation for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS, please do not hesitate to contact us.

5.  In theory, this should allow you to share files with students as well.

Some of the features for OneDrive for Business include that you can sync to your computers if you use the app (note, though, that this means you can overload your computers that most likely do not have 1 terra byte of storage available), that you can view files from multiple locations, that you can share files and folders with other folks (and they do not need to be AU folks).












Content release date: Thursday, July 16, 2015