New Idea:

New Idea:

If you have thought about using twitter in your course, but you are worried about students needing to create an account, consider trying out  This back channel software allows you to set up a quasi twitter stream in a private setting for up to one month,

When you go to, you first create a room -- this automatically creates a URL that you can share with the students or participants of your meeting.  You also indicate how long you want the room to be available -- up to one month.  The only information participants need to provide is a name (does not even have to be their own name, if you want to use an avatar system.

Two additional settings are the projector setting so that you can see the stream on the screen (someone may have to refresh the screen occasionally) and the transcript setting so that you can collect, print or turn into pdf the entire discussion.

Content release date: Tuesday, February 19, 2013