New Features in Canvas 9/28/2012

New Features in Canvas 9/28/2012

If you have been hoping for the ability to annotate your students' work directly in Canvas, the wait is over -- after September 29, you will be able to annotate student submissions through the Speed Grader:  

Homework submissions will be fixed in the upcoming release on September 29th and this will go straight to production.  We will be using a new tool, Crocodoc, that will allow for teacher and peer review annotation (markup)in Canvas Speedgrader.

After September 29th any new homework submissions will be sent through this new tool for rendering. Previous submissions will render in Scribd without annotation capabilities. If you want older submissions to be rendered in Crocodoc, the assignments will have to be resubmitted by the students.

Scribd, our traditional preview tool, will continue to be used on non-submissions files such as files attached in an assignment or files in your Global and Course Stream.  We are working with Scribd to solve the configuration issues and it should be performing better in the future.  Scribd will process all documents for non-homework submissions.  We deeply appreciate Scribd’s assistance in this process.

For more information on this, go to

In order to take advantage of this new feature, please make sure that your students submit assignments as doc/docx, pdf or ppt, pptx.

To use the annotation tool, review your students' assignments through Speed Grader -- this means that you need to select online submission when you set up an assignment.  Once in Speedgrader, notice at the top of the screen the Comment button.  Click on it and you have various choices:

The box that says Comments allows you to add comments to the side, similar to Microsoft's Comments feature.  Other options are highlighting, striking out, a draw tool and a text box tool that allow you to draw and comment on the actual draft.

Once you have submitted your comments (with a grade), your students will be able to see the comments by going into their assignments tool and selecting the Preview button next to their submitted file.

Content release date: Friday, September 28, 2012