New Features in Canvas 7/27/2012

New Features in Canvas 7/27/2012


Canvas has added some interesting functionality over the last few weeks.  Probably the most important part is the analytical piece that allows students to see how they are doing in a course, faculty to see how students are doing in a particular course, and administrators to pull assessment data over a whole program or a particular set of sections in a course.

Watch the video to get some more details on how to find this information.  For more information on how to use this new tool, view Devlin's presentation at canvascon:

Also new is the feature to reuse items in multiple modules:

Module items (wiki pages, discussions, assignments) can now be placed in more than one module (or even more than once in the same module) inside of a course. In addition, each time an item is placed it can have a different completion criteria.

This opens up a greater degree of flexibility because course designers can use multiple placements of the same item to support multiple paths through the course material. Items can also be reused in cases where that makes sense for common resources.

The Student View is now cleaner looking, and the Test Student Grades are no longer part of the grade calculation..

For more details on the latest releases, please go to

Content release date: Monday, July 30, 2012