New Features in Canvas 6/3/2013

New Features in Canvas 6/3/2013

You may have seen that graded items have had the option of making them available or visible for a particular date range. Now, you can also do this for ungraded discussion items so that you can set up a series of discussion items ahead of time and set them up with release dates.

Another Discussion feature is a couple of new ways of marking posts as read or unread -- either in the actual discussion stream or as a manual choice under the Settings (gear icon).

In the Groups tool (under People), you can now stipulate how large (or small) a group can be if you set up the self sign-up option. In addition, you now have a way to message students who have not chosen a group yet straight out of the Groups tool.

Finally! If you have been waiting to switch from percentages to points in the Gradebook -- I know this is a feature many folks have been waiting on, and right now this is a feature for the Total column only.

The Quizzes have an additional analytical feature that shows breakdown by item rather than by student (both are .csv files).

In Pages, students will now have more flexibility to embed images, using not only flickr but also being able to upload image files from their computers.

For more details and screen shots for the individual new features, please visit the Canvas pages

For a video explanation watch:

Content release date: Monday, June 03, 2013