New Features in Canvas 2/10/2014

New Features in Canvas 2/10/2014

1.  Adding a Notes Column to your Gradebook:

In order to add the Notes column to your Gradebook, click on the Gear symbol and select Show Notes Column.  This column is visible to you only.  You add comments in that column in the Gradebook -- you will need to hit the Save button for this particular field.


2.  Conversations:  Selecting Multiple and/or All Messages

You can now select multiple or all messages in the new Conversations version, making it easier for you to manage this tool.  To select a range, click the first message you want to select, hold down the shift key and go to the last message you want to select.  You already can use the CTRL or CMD key to select multiple messages that are not in one continuous list.

3.  Conversation:  Notifications now keep Subject Line

If you have your Notifications set to show when something happens in Conversations, you will now see the Subject line of the Conversations item displayed, making it easier for you to manage these notifications.

4.  User Settings:  High Contrast Theme

If you need more contrast in the theme of the course, you now have, in your user settings, a way to change from the general Canvas look to a high contrast Canvas look, un der Canvas Instructor's Settings.


For more details and screenshots for these new features and a series of others, including a video, please go to

Content release date: Monday, February 10, 2014