New Features in Canvas 11/24/2012

New Features in Canvas 11/24/2012

Canvas is implementing some new changes on 11/24.  You will notice a change to the look of your Dashboard, aka, the page you get to after login.  You no longer see the stream of activities from all classes mixed together, which can be confusing, but, separated by type of tool (Assignments, Discussions, Assignments, etc.) where new activity is happening, and then you can select which tool you want to use to review the activity.

The Outcomes tool will allow for Nested outcomes -- this may be the moment for us to think how we can add the AU SLOs to Canvas so that faculty can tie in their Assignments to these outcomes more visibly.

The Discussion tool will get a Search function at the top of the page -- it replaces the earlier filters and allows for dynamic content generation -- just start typing, and the search will start automatically, generating a list of items.  You will also be able to control how many Discussion posts you want displayed per page because of the Pagination function that has been added.

Students will no longer be able to see the Whisker graph in the Analytics section if the class is smaller than five students -- this will help with protecting student information and anonymity.

View a short video with screenshots.

Content release date: Friday, November 16, 2012