New Canvas Features September 2015

New Canvas Features September 2015

If you want to make changes to a group set when members have already submitted work, you can now easily clone the group set so that you are not disrupting any work that may be going on while you make changes.  Canvas is going to give you ample warning and instructions when you try to change your group set.

Speed grader works really well with Word and pdf documents, but submissions of external URLs, like a link to an eportfolio page, have not worked well with the Speed Grader functionality.  Now, you can use external links with Speed Grader.

Have you checked out the options for additional applications for Canvas?  In your course, under Settings (bottom left) and Apps (one of the tabs), you find a long list of apps that can be integrated into Canvas.  Two words of caution before you get all excited -- some of these are not free.  And some of these cannot be added at the course level but would need to be added at a higher level.  However, quite a few can just be added to the course as you are using it -- TedTalks, Khan Academy, for example.  Others are already available to you through the institution, like Panopto, iclicker, or piazza.

Content release date: Friday, September 04, 2015