New Canvas Features September 19, 2015

New Canvas Features September 19, 2015

Recurrent calendar events can now be added as a feature to individual Canvas courses, but in order to enable the feature, you need to contact the IMG at 844-5181 - have your Canvas course name ready at hand.

Once enabled, you can set certain events as recurrent, something you can find under Edit the Event, More Options.  To avoid confusion, you can also add a counter so that each event has its own number associated with it.

If you are using the Conference tool, you can now also use a basic polling feature in it.

Groups will now conclude at the end of a term, to declutter the view of available options for students.

Be aware that the overall look and feel for Canvas will change during the winter term.  

For more information and some idea of what the new Canvas will look like, go to

Content release date: Monday, September 21, 2015