New Canvas Features June 2015

New Canvas Features June 2015

Excuse Student From Assignment:

In the Gradebook, you can now excuse a student from an assignment.  You simply enter the grade of EX in the appropriate grade field.  Soon, you will be able to choose from a pull down menu what kind of excuse to assign.  This future release will also allow you to send notifications to students about excused assignments and for students to see excused graded discussions and quizzes.  This also applies to group assignments.

Mark Item as Done

In order to give greater clarity on progress in modules, you can now add the option of marking an item in a module as done.  When you choose this setting, you are also asking your students to mark an item as done, which will be necessary if you have set up modules so that students need to complete certain stages before they can move on to the next module.

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Content release date: Monday, June 29, 2015