New Canvas Features For January 2016

New Canvas Features For January 2016

The new option, Moderated Grading, allows you to give others, like your TAs, a chance to grade before you assign a final grade. In addition, if you have multiple reviewers for assignments for, say, capstone course assignments, you can use this function as well to capture their feedback.  As the main teacher of the course, you decide who gets to moderate which individual student assignment.

Consider this also useful for draft of provisional grades, rather than having to design two assignments, one for the draft and one for the final version.

In order to give students access to content offline, you can now set up a course to be exported as an ePub.  You do need to have your content organized through modules to make this work.  Recommended readers are iBooks for Mac and iOS devices, and Azardi for Windows and Android devices. 

The Validate Links option is going to be particularly useful for folks who have a lot of links in their course and have been using the same pool of links for a number of years.

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Content release date: Friday, December 18, 2015