New Canvas Features For February 2016

New Canvas Features For February 2016

You may have noticed a very recent change in the look of the left hand navigation bar and in the way notifications on the right are shown.  For example, while you will see the accurate number of things to grade if smaller than 9, for larger numbers you will see a 9+ symbol.  It looks like this may be a short-lived feature.

If you use Speedgrader and its Crocodoc annotation feature, you may be wondering if your students ever bother looking at your feedback.  So, how does this work?

First, students of course need to know where to go to find your annotations -- on their Submissions Details page is a View Feedback button -- this gives them the view needed to read all your annotations.  You, then, can go back into the SpeedGrader and see at the top right whether a student as viewed the comments.

If you are into Analytics, you may notice that the Analytics pages now have a slightly different look, increasing accessibility.  Note one big problem with the Analytics capability Canvas has right now:  any access through the mobile apps (from iOS and Android) is not recorded into the analytics records, so you may have a misguided view of what your students are doing.

If you use Discussions and Announcements and you want to increase student feedback, note that not only can students reply but they can also Like someone's reply -- though I am sure you don't want to leave that as the only feedback students provide to their colleagues.

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Content release date: Tuesday, February 23, 2016