MS Office for iPads

MS Office for iPads

On Thursday, March 27th Microsoft announced Office for iPad. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint versions for the iPad are included in Office 365 subscriptions. The apps can be downloaded from the Apple Apps store and are free, but to get full functionality the apps must be tied to a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Downloading the free apps from the app store allows the user to view Word and Excel files and present Powerpoint presentations, but you cannot edit the files unless you have the paid subscription. One other drawback: The only way to get your files into the Office apps on the iPad without a subscription is to open the documents from email attachments. There is Dropbox or Google Drive integration, only the paid Microsoft cloud storage service, OneDrive. 


University faculty can purchase a four year subscription to Office 365 for $79.99 that will allow two installs on PCs, Macs, or tablets. Auburn students have access to Office 365 and they can download the computer and tablet versions with their login. At this time there are discussions to include faculty and staff in the OneDrive cloud storage options, but not Office 365 at this time under the terms of the University site license with Microsoft.


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Content release date: Friday, March 28, 2014