Technology Links


  • Microsoft

Computing at Auburn University:

  • Information Technology Policies at Auburn: links to general policy statement on this campus, including appropriate use of technology, copyright, virus protection, responsibilities of users, wireless usage.
  • Getting started with computing at Auburn: A link to general information about e-mail access, Banner use,  and web space usage at Auburn University.
  • Basic computer use: information about computer use and how to learn it. Includes software applications and operating systems supported by the university.
  • Wireless Connectivity: OIT help pages for wireless connectivity on campus.
  • AUInstall: Information and downloads of applications AU has a site license for: virus protection, Groupwise, file transfer, file backup with instructions on how to download and use the applications.

Web Design Links:

  • IMG: The Instructional Multimedia Group at Auburn University provides free seminars for faculty staff and graduate students on a variety of web related topics. For more information call 844-5181.
  • Web This site contains information and resources for all levels of web development. The site includes lots of links to other relevant sites.

Instructional Technology Links:

  • Instructional Multimedia Group: IMG provides resources for the development of instructional technology at Auburn University.
  • Media Production Group: Auburn University's group for making documentary videos, short advertisement clips, interactive instructional material and more.
  • The Center for Academic Transformation: Provides information and guidelines for implementing technology in the classroom with the Pew Foundation at its base.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education: Online version of this academic news publication, with some sections open to the public and others password protected. Find out what other universities are doing with instructional technology.

Reference Material Sites:

  • O'Reilly & Associates: A great source for computer books, software, and online publishing.
  • Microsoft: Information about Microsoft products.
  • Adobe: Information about and support for Adobe products.
  • Apple: Information about and support for Apple Computer products.
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