iTeach4: Canvas -- What I Learned

iTeach4: Canvas -- What I Learned

Devlin Daley, Co-Founder of Instructure and its product Canvas, delivered the keynote:

Instructure = Instruction and Infrastructure.

March 27 is the birthday of the company -- it will be 4 years old. Happy birthday!

Canvas is founded on the principles of building a reliable system out of unreliable parts and of iteration in the right direction. Security is not a destination but a journey, and being open source helps on this journey. Short development cycles work within the system of iteration, improving features across the board every two weeks incrementally. Provisioning of resources is done on an as-needed-basis.

Research in Utah has shown that giving a personal video message at the beginning of the course leads to less turnover in the class.

Some tips and tricks from Devlin:
  • To add a column to your grade book, create an assignment and select No Submission.
  • To add files to the Files section, simply drag and drop from your computer -- but do it in Chrome, Safari, Firefox.
  • Student view is coming soon.
  • Oops page is often resolved with a refresh of the page


I will form a facebook group so that we can learn about each other's Canvas Feature Requests and vote on them.


Content release date: Monday, March 12, 2012