iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the Classroom
iPads in the Classroom

Stacey PowellDarrell Crutchley & Matthew Warren

Homework (before or at beginning of session)

  1. Download the Canvas App (Version 3.02) to your iPad Click on the Canvas link to open App store page directly
  2. Open the Canvas App, enter as Canvas URL, then connect. Use assigned email and password below to gain student access.
  3. Download Socrative (Student Edition)
  4. Download Talkboard by Citrix
  5. Download  QR Reader 

End of Homework / Advanced Set up

Pedagogy download Stacey’s presentation as a PDF

Classroom Management

• Canvas

• Speedgrader

• Attendance apps

Document Sharing & Note-taking

▪   Google drive

▪   Drop box

▪   CloudOn

▪   Notability

▪   Evernote


▪   Nearpod — (Free version and a premium version for $10 per month) Create or download interactive multimedia presentations, share and control lesson in real time, students can join session from anywhere, interact and submit responses.  Presentations can include slides, video, interactive elements, web sites and more. Robust reporting features.

▪   Keynote — Mac presentation program similar to PowerPoint.  Free on iPads purchased since November 2013.  Otherwise, $9.99.

▪   Powerpoint — (Free)  Can open and view PowerPoint files.  In order to create and edit, must have Office 365 subscription.  Faculty are eligible for special pricing of $79.99 for four years.  

▪   Doceri — (Free app, combine with Doceri Desktop software - $30 per license - for desktop control) Interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder with tools for hand drawn graphics and remote desktop control.


▪   Tunes U

▪   Panopto

▪   iBooks

▪   TED talks

▪   CourseSmart

▪   Netflix

In class feedback

▪   Socrative — Room Number 111744 will be used today  — (Free)  Student response system that includes short answer & multiple choice questions where students can view class responses, quizzes, games, and reports that capture results and grade activities.  Accessible from any device with a web browser.  Students do not need to create an account.

▪   iClicker GO

Student Collaboration/Whiteboards

▪   ShowMe — (Free) Create and share lessons using handwriting, images and voice over (public or personal via direct link). Need to create account.

▪   Educreations — (Free) A recordable interactive whiteboard that captures your voice and handwriting to produce video lessons that you can share online. Students and colleagues can replay your lessons in any web browser, or from within app on their iPads.   Need to register for accounts for student creations or having them join instructor course.

▪   Explain Everything — ($2.99)   Easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything (photos, videos, files) to and from almost anywhere.  No account needed.

▪   Flip Grid —   (Free app.  Annual license required for instructor - $60 per year for 5 grids with unlimited questions and responses.)  Teachers create grids of short discussion-style questions that students respond to through recorded videos.  No student accounts required. 

▪   TalkBoard — (Free) Synchronous, collaborative whiteboard for handwritten text.  Invite anyone, anywhere to collaborate, work online and offline.  (be careful, there are two apps with the same name) 

Student Projects/audio & video tools

▪   Magisto — (Free) Easily edit videos and photos and share.  Add music tracks  and some simple effects to your raw video footage. String a series of clips together in one video, edit the length, use footage that you have captured with your device’s native app or you can use Magisto to capture new footage. Allows you to draw on frames in your video clips and add borders to your frames.

▪   YouTube Capture — (Free) Record videos and upload to YouTube.  Editing options allow you to trim the length, stabilize the images, add a soundtrack, and touch-up the colors in your video.

Social Media/Discussion

▪   Twitter

▪   Popplet — Lite version is free, but limited to one popplet.  Full version ($4.99) has unlimited local popplets stored on ipad, as well as online popplets that can be shared and edited by others.  Create interactive multimedia graphic organizers that can be shared for collaboration.

Content release date: Wednesday, April 02, 2014