Change in Email Filter

Change in Email Filter

The university is changing the way it handles junk email.  The system that will be put in place no longer adds the word S-P-A-M; instead, any email deemed S-P-A-M will be sent into your junk folder (although the large majority of such emails will never actually make it into your inbox or your junk folder).  This new rule will go into effect on September 27, 2016.

You will now have greater control over what you consider junk and what not – similar to your personal email account.

This change has a couple of implications for you:

  1. If you have a rule set up to catch those emails, that rule will no longer be necessary – you can delete it.
  2. Please make it a habit to check in your junk folder (listed under your Cabinet in Outlook) that emails you need did not end up there by mistake – if you find emails you want to keep, please drag them back into your Inbox to restore full functionality.  For this change to stick, right-click on the email and go to Junk – Junk Email Options.
     Junk Email Options
    On this screen you can select from
    • Options:  adjust the local spam filter – though, with this new system, you really don’t need to change the settings
    • Safe Sender:  add a particular email that was marked as problematic as being safe so that you will keep getting these emails
    • Safe Recipients:  add a particular listserv or email group that was marked as problematic as being safe so that you will keep getting these emails
    • Blocked Senders:  add a particular email that they system may have missed but you never want to get emails from again
    • International:  add an entire country as a place you do not want to get emails from (I advise not to check anything in this area)
  3. Please remember that your junk folder needs to get emptied regularly, so you need to check regularly.  Junk Mail does not get archived. I have set a reminder on my calendar to check my folder once a week.
  4. Some emails may appear with the label SUSPICIOUS in the subject line:  these are emails the system thought might be S-P-A-M but was not sure about.  If you encounter any of these in your inbox and you want to make sure that they are not flagged in the future, please forward them to me as attachment. (In Outlook, under More, next to Forward). You will notice that if you click on a link in one of these emails, you will get rerouted to a secure cisco web site where you get a glimpse of the web site you are trying to get to and then you can decide if you want to continue by clicking on the green button or not by clicking on the red button.
  5. This system will work even if your Outlook client is not active – which means that you no longer get lots of junk email on your mobile devices at home or when you are otherwise away from your main computer.
  6. MacMail users:  for any of the above mentioned decisions to work you have to do this on Exchange, so you either have to launch Outlook or go to
  7. Good news:  if you have been interested in an Outlook app for your mobile devices (Android or iOS), you can now use the OWA (Outlook Web Application).  This may resolve some of the issues we have seen esp with Android users wanting to get email on their devices.  

For more information about this, please read:

Content release date: Friday, September 23, 2016