Email Archives Plugin for Outlook

Email Archives Plugin for Outlook

OIT has updated the university's email archiving backend, making it more reliable for the web version and having a reliable Outlook plugin.

For the web version -- once you have logged in to, you will notice that your links in the bottom corner no longer contain a link called M+ Archives, but now a link that is called Netmail Archives. Click on it and you have access to the two folders, one containing your Groupwise archive and the other a copy of all emails in Exchange that are older than 3 weeks.

For the Outlook version, Windows only-- go to \\software\software\mscampus\MsOffice2010\plugin\netmail and click on the file that is called MPLUSArchive64Setup.msi (the second file in the list). Before the installation, make sure that your Outlook program is closed. See more specific instructions below.


1.  Go to your start button in the bottom left corner and type in \\software\software\mscampus\MsOffice2010\plugin\netmail and hit enter.  










2.  Windows Explorer will open with a window that contains two files (this may take a moment to happen, please be patient):


Double-click on the file named MPLUSArchive64Setup to start the installation process.  You will get a warning screen:

installation warning

3.  Click on Run -- you now get the Setup Wizard:

setup wizard

4.  Click on Next for the next few screens and finish the installation by clicking on Close on the final screen.

5.  Open up Outlook (if it is still open, please close it now and reopen) -- this may take a little longer the first after the installation.

When Outlook opens you get another prompt to install -- this finishes the installation of the plugin, connecting it with Outlook.:

installation warning

6.  Click on Install.

7.  Once the installation is finished, you will get a prompt to lot in -- this is a one time log in to establish the connection to your online archives.


Log in with your Auburn University email address and password.

8.  You will now see that your Outlook folders on the left hand side have an addition called Netmail Archives:

outlook folders

9.  Click on the Netmail Archives folder to gain access to your Groupwise archives (aka Archive-CAS Repository) and Exchange Archives (copies of your emails on the Exchange server that are older than 3 weeks).


Content release date: Friday, June 07, 2013