Mac Mail Users -- Make your attachment readable to Outlook users
February 24, 2012
Mac Mail Users -- Make your attachment readable to Outlook users

Make certain others can fully read your emails composed in Mac Mail. See attached instructions.


Audio and Video Assignments in Canvas
February 22, 2012
Audio Assignments

Students can easily submit audio and video recordings directly into Canvas, AU's new learning management system.  There are just a few tricks to know in order to successfully implement this type of assignment.

iTeach4: Canvas
February 15, 2012
iTeach4: Canvas

Faculty have the opportunity to learn more about Canvas, AU's new learning management system, on March 9, 2012.

New Features in Canvas February 2012
February 14, 2012
New in Canvas Feb 2012

Canvas introduces Conversations, the role of "course designer," and fixes the problem with not being able to add flickr images to question banks.

Lion 10.7.3 Released
February 3, 2012
Lion 10.7.3 Released

Apple's latest Operating System 10.7 aka Lion was updated yesterday. The current version is 10.7.3. It is recommended all Mac users in the College of Liberal Arts using 10.7 run Software Update as soon as possible.

AU is moving to new email
February 9, 2012

Auburn University is moving towards a new email system, Microsoft Exchange with the client software Outlook.  CLA is done with its email conversion.

February 14, 2012
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