Slight Change in Email for CLA

Slight Change in Email for CLA

On December 10, 2015, OIT is going to move all of our email accounts to a new backend.

This move will happen in the morning (most likely 5-6am), so all should be set by the time you come to your offices.

The two biggest changes that you will see as a result of this move are

  •   Your inbox increases to 10 gb (from the current 5gb)
  •   Your web-based email will look different – similar to what our students see.

Here are some side effects that you may experience:

  •   You may be asked to restart Outlook on your computer, once or more
  •   Your netmail archives may not be available immediately after this migration
  •   If you receive email through your smartphone, you may see email no longer coming in – a restart of your smartphone should fix this.
Content release date: Friday, December 04, 2015