New Features in Canvas 10/20/2014

New Features in Canvas 10/20/2014

Some of the new features in this round of Canvas updates focus on notifications:


1.  If you are using quiz questions that require manual grading, your students will now see that the quiz is still in progress, and the instructor also gets an icon reminding him or her that an item still needs to be graded.

2.  If you want to be notified of conversations you are contributing to, you can now set in Notifications not only to get these when someone else adds to the conversation but also when you are contributing.

3.  Some of you have been using Crocodoc for annotating student work on your computer through the Speed Grader -- you will now get a warning message when Crocodoc is about to time out.  Each document has its own session that lasts for one hour, but this way, in case you lose track of time, you get reminded.

4.  In the Quiz tool, you will now be able to reorder quiz questions more easily by using a little handle to drag and drop questions into a different order.

5.  And if you are using letter grades in the Gradebook, you will notice that they are now in BOLD and more visible.

For more details and for a short video with some screenshots, go to

Content release date: Tuesday, October 21, 2014