New Features in Canvas 1/9/2015

New Features in Canvas 1/9/2015

New Feature in Canvas for Early Alert/Midterm grade submission. (I believe this is primarily for core courses)

This term, you will be able to submit your early alert grades straight from Canvas.  You will notice information about this when you first log on to Canvas, including a couple of links with helpful information.  I am repeating here, with links, what it says in Canvas:


“New button on navigation panel

About the "Submit early alert/midterm grades" button on course navigation panel:

The Instructor of Record listed in Banner will be able to use this new form ONCE ONLY per term to submit early alert/midterm grades . It cannot be used to submit final grades.

This tool is designed to work in courses with grading schemes. Information on how to set a grading scheme can be found here: . 

Complete instructions and more information for this tool are available (Links to an external site.)

Early Alert/midterm grading will open on Feb. 5, 2015. Any form submitted before that date will be held in a queue and processed at that time.”



Please read the instructions carefully as there are a couple of things you need to do to make this work in February:

-       You have to have a grading scheme in place, and the default scheme will not work – please follow the first link to set a grading scheme.  If you want the system to round, you need to create your own grading scheme, based on your rounding rules (only one decimal point)

-       You need to use the Grades tool

-       Only you as the instructor of record can do this, and you only have one shot at it

Content release date: Friday, January 09, 2015